World Strongest Man Eddie Hall (The Beast)


You may have scene many strong people around you, but have you ever scene a man deadlifting 500kg or doing squats of 400+ kg weight. He is non other than the beast Eddie Hall.

Born in England the 30 year old Eddie Hall in teenage was a successfull swimmer and rugby player. He started as a bodybuilder and then later entered into strongman competition. He won his first Gold Medal in England Strongest Man competition in year 2010.

Eddie Hall won his first World Strongest Man title in 2017 held in Gaborone, Botswana. In march 2015 Hall created a world record in deadlift of whooping 462 kilograms. In December 2015 a documentary on Hall titled Eddie: Strongman was released directed by Matt Bell and produced by Tom Swanston. They followed Eddie for around two years of his life to create this documentary.

On July 2016 Eddie Hall broke his own record of deadlift with a lift of 500 kilograms that made him pass out.

Here are some personal and world record by Eddie Hall:

  1. World Record- Deadlift 500 Kg
  2. World Record- Axle Press 216 Kg
  3. British Record- Log Lift 213 Kg
  4. Personal Record- 1000 Kg leg press
  5. Bench Press of 300 Kg
  6. Squats of 405 Kg


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