Top 12 Indian web series on youtube 2018


Here are the top twelve best Indian webseries on youtube

  1. Girl in the City

This web series is about the girl life ,Meera, who travel all the way from Dehradun to Bombay to fulfill her dreams. Her aspirations of becoming the popular Fashion Designer turns to reality when she was hired as an intern and then worked with the top Fashion designer. During his life journey she faced many ups and downs still she fought bravely. Her father (Papa Rambo, as called by Meera) supported her every time. This series is loved among the major youngsters and thus the show is running its 3rd season. Watch the interesting life journey of Meera turning from Fashion Designer to Entrepreneur on Bindass Originals.

2. Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates, the most loved Indian webseries is the story about the young couple, Tanya and Mikesh, who after the 3years of relationship decided to get married. The fun loving Tanya and the concerned Mikesh makes the cute couple and gives the relationship goals. This story is about how they met, their relation grew and unexpected turns in life gave them the bump on their head. Involvement of the parents in their life disturbs them the most. Watch the interesting story of the couple on TVF.

3. TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers, famous web series created by The Viral Fever and directed by the Anurabh Kumar. The story has four friends who decide to quit their jobs and work as an Entrepreneur. As they feel they are not made for routine jobs rather meant to pursue their start up venture.

4. Official Chukyagiri

Official Chukyagiri is about the intern, who come from small town and aspires to build an image in the corporate world. Everyone, who dreams of working in corporate will see the life from his story. He faces difficulty in adjusting the real political world of corporate. Although, he manages to conquer all difficulties that come his way. His life will revolve between corporate politics,friendship, love and family. Also, it’s extended series is been released as Official CeOgiri where Sumeet Vyas, the CEO of the Company, will lead the web series. Watch the interesting story on TVF.


5. Twisted

Twisted, as the name suggest is very much twisted in its story. This is an Indian thriller webseries. This story is about a girl, Aliyah Mukherjee, who is the most famous model of B town. The story starts with the murder of Naina Raichand, wife of Ranbir Raichand,the business tycoon, the murder is a mystery which has to be solved by the two talented young cops. This story revolves around the model, Aliyah Mukherjee, her passion, life, love,revenge. This story is further taken to another series of Twisted 2 which is now on air on the famous app VB on the Web.

6. The SACRED Games

The Sacred Games is the Indian webseries on Netflix Originals which is based on the novel of Vikram Chnadra’s novel “The Sacred Games“.  The story starts with Sartaj Singh, a troubled police inspector in Mumbai police, living on sleeping pills and seeking validation from a police force he nevertheless loathes for its corruption. He receives an anonymous phone call from Ganesh Gaitonde, a  crime lord who has been missing for 16 years. He tells Singh to save the city in 25 days, which initiates a chain of events that burrows deep into India’s dark underworld. Through out the journey, Singh is helped by a Research and Analysis Wing Officer, Anjali Mathur.



7. Maaya


When Sonia has a nervous breakdown and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to dig into her life to find out what had caused the trauma. Abhishek soon finds out that Sonia had a secret life of intense sexuality and twisted fantasies that he didn’t know about, a life that betrayed him and yet he was the only one who could save her. This story has another twists and turns with the next web series of Maaya 2.

8. The Trip

This is a story of four girls planned for road trip to Thailand as the bride’s bachelorette. There they really connect with each other and could share their feeling for actually they are going through. This road trip is about the trip of the four lives that go together. Watch this web series on

9. Tripling

The most famous TVF show the Tripling is about the messed up lives of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan. They start their journey when two brother’s meet and then reach to their sister’s place who herself is into complete mess want to get away from her current situation. Watch the three interesting story on TVF.

 10. A.I.S.H.A My Virtual Girlfriend

A.I.S.H.A is the web series based on the Artificial Intelligence who is been created by the man working in the IT firm. Out of Frustation, he creates the A.I.S.H.A his imagination and brings it to the real world to sort his problems which ultimately increase his problems. Watch the thriller and romantic story of AISHA. Three seasons has been released on Arre.


11. Ready to Mingle

The ready to mingle web series is about the lead protagonist, Myra Malik and her boyfriend Nirav Chabbra makes the beautiful couple who planned to through parties for the singles to get mingle. They are considered as modern day love gurus sharing the ideals of relationship. Somewhere, they are themselves not understanding their relation and fighting with their own to mingle in their lives. They met two different people in their life journey and then figuring out for their own relation. Watch the interesting story of the two on the ZOOM Studio.


 12. Bang Baaja Baraat

Bang Baaja Baraat

Two people from two different backgrounds fall in love and decided to proceed their relation by getting married but not without their parents. So, they introduce their parents two days before their marriage and there the problem started. Due to different customs and traditions the two families face problems in adjusting each other communities. Still, the two manages to adjust with their families but the hell breaks lose and there the war begins. Watch the interesting web series of the two on






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