Top Tips for Healthy Married Life 2018

Healthy Married Life

When we think of marriage, it is not only to understand each other or support in every field. But to make your married life successful, the sex life needs t be healthy. Sex means physical intimacy and this is not only about sexual intact but this is more than what you think. Intimacy includes the wide range of closeness like kissing, holding hands, holding each other and also day love making. For healthy married life, sexual relationship is very important.

Sexual intimacy required verbal interaction, affection and care for each other. Also, communicating your sexual desires to your partner is necessary so that you both can feel comfortable to try out new things. This is the basic mantra of a healthy sex life.

Many couples despite their moments are disinterested in sex over the years of time. This is the most common issue in the relationship. Thus, the another advice that can be followed is that they need to be creative while having sexual intimacy. Get comfortable in your living room or try different places. Be more romantic and try the candle light dinner with the bottle of champagne and chocolates and make your love day more loving and attractive.

Just 7 things to remember for good sex life and having Healthy Married Life:

  1. Take time to talk to the partner about your desires
  2. Avoid criticizing
  3. Talk about your orgasm feeling
  4. Try different positions
  5. Be adventurous with the partner
  6. Play games to attract him towards you
  7. Be creative on love making


When things become stale in marriage, make intimacy more frequent to not let the spark go out and continue to enjoy wonderful relation with your partner.




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