Nana Patekar molested Tanushree Dutta. Is the News Real?

Tanushree Datta & nana patekar

Tanushree Dutta is in news for so many days for her own reasons. She mentioned in her statement that she has been molested by Nana Patekar and Ganesh Acharya. They are the reason for leaving the film industry. Now, she couldn’t take it more. So, after years she decide to face the media and commit about what has happened to her.

Famous Aashiq Bnaya actress accused Nana Patekar of harassing and threatening her on the film set. She further mentioned that she went into the vanity car to protect herself where some people jumped and hopped on her vanity car and threatened her badly. Infact, her parents were also there on set in the Vanity car which made Datta felt really embarrassed and unsafe for such reasons. She mentioned the name of Vivek Agnihotri who told her to strip off for a scene in a movie Chocolate.

Now, after her statement of accusing her by Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri, she has received two legal notices. Thus, on receiving the notices she told “This the price you pay for speaking out against humiliation, harassment and injustice in India”.

She also said that Like Mr Patekar, Agnihorti also denied the allegation against him. Infact, both have sent her the legal notices and warns her to sue in court for these reasons. Whereas, Mr Patekar has sent the notice to her to apologies for whatever allegations she has put on him. One film industry member who worked on Chocolate defended Vivek Agnihotri and made statement in favour of him. He told that the reason Tanushree didn’t get much work because of her mood swings. She faces mood swings during acting and couldn’t get the directions on set.

Infact, Tanushree Dutta used to get violent threats from MNS which is led by Raj Thakre. Even, on Wednesday, MNS handed over the threat letter to the makers of Big Boss 12, if Datta participates then they might be in trouble.

Meanwhile, Dutta told media that Court Cases can run for decades without the hope of conclusion. In the end, empty shell remains with the broken hopes and defeat is the old saga of the survivors. When Nana Patekar was accused of threatening Tanushree and sending political thugs after her was supported by one Maharashtra Home Minister that he is the social activist and worked alot for them. No one can just put allegations on someone like this.

Though, some have supported Tanushree for her action while some have opposed through the tweets and YouTube channels. Big B, Salman Khan and Shakti Kapoor have made headlines because of their cold responses on the controversy.  Here are some tweets of the celebrities.






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