Supranakha- Reason for the whole Ramayana

Supranakha dhoolmitti

Supranakha, character in the Valmiki’s epic, Ramayana.

She never highlighted in the Ramayana, but surprisingly was the reason for the whole Ramayana to happen.

Supranakha, daughter of youngest child of Rishi Vishvara and Kaikesi. Some used to call her Chandranakha for the reason of her nails like moon. Supranakha married secretly after having a love affair with the Danava prince Vidyutjihva. He married Supranakha to kill the Ravana, of which Supranakha was not aware. Ravana was angry with his sister but Mandodri convinced him to respect wishes of his sister. Thus, Ravana agreed to accept his sister and her husband.

At the time of conquering, Ravana decided to visit Supranakha where Vidyutjihva in the absense of his wife tried to kill Ravana. Thus, Ravana in self defense killed Vidyutjihva and thus the revenge started from then and there.

Surpanakha secretly vowed to be the cause of Raavan’s destruction and avenge her beloved husband’s death. She started planning for the death of Ravana. She started living separately in the somewhere between the Lanka and the woods of Southern India.

In later days, she met Ram and lakshmana and unknowingly she attracted towards Ram. On Ram’s recommendation she proposed to Lakshmana. Lakshmana rejected her by saying that she is not the women that he desired as his wife. Eventually, seeing that both the brothers are making fun of her.  She decided to kill Sita and thus attacked her. To save Sita, Lakshamana cut off her nose which was done in the place Nasik and thus this city is named as Nashik.

Now, Suprankaha went directly to Ravana to wed Sita and this triggered the battle of Lanka.




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