Sabrimala Temple open for all

Sabrimala temple

One more decision taken by Supreme court regarding Sabrimala temple located in the Kerala state. With the majority of 4:1, Judges of Supreme Court has vanished the ban of women entry in temple.

As it was a tradition in Kerala that the women of age from 10-55 can’t enter and pray in the temple.  In 1991, Kerala high court has passed the rule by banning the women of this age to go to Sabrimala temple because at this phase they are not pure which means they are in Mensuration Period.

Chief Justice Deepak Mishra stated that on one side, we pray Goddesses and on other side they are called impure. Further, she added discrimination against women on any grounds, even religious is unconstitutional. To exclude women for praying was derogatory to equal citizenship.

Puajri’s of temple and many people  are not happy with the decision of Supreme Court. But now they lifted the ban and allowed the women to pray in temple.

Sabrimala temple is located at the Periyar tiger reserve in Western Ghats mountain ranges in the state of Kerala.  Estimated  45–50 million devotees visit the temple every year which is located among 18 hills. The shrine at Sabarimala, an ancient temple of Ayyappan also known as Sasta and Dharmasasta.

Pilgrim’s easily identified as they wear black and blue dress .They don’t shave until the pilgrimage not completed.


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