Sabrimala temple Devotees are still against the Supreme Court order

Sabrimala temple

Devotees on the third day of Sabrimala temple opening continues their movement to complete the pilgrimage to Ayyapa temple. But still there is one concern for women i.e. the  entry of women in temple. No woman of below 50 is allowed in temple despite the Supreme Court orders.

Devotees are still against the Supreme Court order of allowing women to enter the temple in their menstruation age. As it is a religious belief and been banned from decades for that prospect. Thus, devotees are protesting and doing everything to stop women to enter in the temple. This protest becoming the reason for the panic’s attack and suffocation.

Though, Kerala Government agreed to follow the orders given by Supreme Court and allowed women to enter the  temple. Therefore, two women attempted to trek the mountain to visit the temple but they didn’t get success.  Then, a third woman began the long walk on Friday morning  and reached to the Nada Panthal, place from where steps start towards the shrine. Thus, more than nine women tried to make history and reach temple but are being stopped by the devotees. A 47- year old lady suffered panic attack after being stopped by protesters.

Devotees including children, women, old sat down on the path leading to sanctum. They are chanting Lord Ayyappa’s name and hymns and stopping the women from reaching to temple. There are 18 steps which are the final stage to reach the Sabrimala temple which none of the women have crossed yet.

Government of Kerala told police not to use force against devotees. But people are turning violent. Temple head priest “Tantri” is asked to close the doors of temple as no women should enter the temple premises. Thus, situation is getting tensed and worse.


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