Bad Breath Cure–Get Ready for Refreshing Kiss

bad breath

The most common cause for bad breath is Poor oral hygiene. This Poor oral hygiene causes mouthful of ailments including off-putting bad breath, missing teeth, bleeding gums, these all are chances of ruining your mouth and then you day with bad smell. Bacteria that build up on teeth , specifically on your tongue and gums can produce unpleasant smell. These are the bacteria responsible for disease and tooth decay.

You can follow these simple steps to get rid of foul smells.

Brush your Teeth and Tongue: Brush teeth twice a day and spend atleast two to three minutes twice a day to remove plague and debris. Halitosis is caused by anaerobic sulphur-producing bacteria found beneath the surface of the tongue. Thus , it is required to rub your tongue daily with the backside of the toothbrush.

Be Hydrated: Saliva is that which automatically teeth obtains. The bacteria develops when mouth doesn’t obtain sufficient saliva. Thus, keep your mouth hydrated by drinking atleast 6-8 glasses of water daily.

Reduce Intake of Coffee: Intake of Caffeine dry out the mouth by reducing the saliva production. On adding milk to the coffee can adds the fouls smell of your mouth in a day. Thus, avoid milk in coffee.

Finish your meal with ‘detergent’ food: After a meal, have natural tooth cleaner as an apple, carrot, or unsweetened popcorn.

Avoid Sugar: Adding sugar to the foods and drinks invites bacteria to the mouth that causes bad breath. Chewing gums and mints are not mouth fresheners instead they are invitation to bad breath. Look for sugar free mouth fresheners.




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