Essayed Ravana character made history again


Ravana, the most hated character of Ramayana because of his act. This character is more famous in Ramayana for his negative deed than his knowledge and smartness. Thus, in the end he dies and people remember him for what he has done in his life. Isn’t this true? Definitely.

Thus, the Amritsar incident has one such scripted character of Ravana who now will again be remembered for his deeds definitely. But, this time he will be known for his positive things before dying. This Ravana also died and saved 8 lives before dying.

Scripted Ravana, Dalbir Singh saved eight lives of people before getting crushed under the speeding train. He was in the crowd where he was watching the burning effigy from the track. He could sense and could see that something is wrong and thus he pulled 7 to 8 people away from the track. But, god has something else saved for him and thus he got crushed under the speeding train after saving those lives.

Around 300 people were gathered there to see the Ram Leela mela and to celebrate Dusshera. Atleast 59 people reported dead until Friday who are ran over by a train at Joda Phatak. Among them, unfortunately Dalbir was also the one.

Dalbir got married last year and has 8 months old baby. Dalbir’s mother denied to cremate the body of Dalbir until they get compensation from government. Not even a single government employee visited their house after such a huge incident. His mother demanded a government job for the widow of Dalbir to earn their livelihood.

Krishan Lal, the neighbor of Dalbir use to call him ‘Lankesh’ for his continuous act in Ram Leela. But, this time what he has done made them proud and speechless.


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