Asthma Awareness Spread by Priyanka Chopra


Global Icon, Priyanka Chopra who suffers from Asthma, partnered with Cipla to spread the awareness about Asthma. She treated herself well that can have anyone lead a better life even with the Asthma.

Cipla organised an ad showcasing, how this diva suffered  but was able to fight with the help of Cipla.

This ad spreads a good message that even if you suffer from same one can stop you to live a better life. As an ad campaign promotes, live a “Berok” life.

In interview Priyanka stated As someone who is asthmatic, I can say that there is a social stigma associated with asthma and its therapy. It is evident that asthma is on the rise in India and there is little awareness about the most effective therapy on offer.”

Chopra is grateful to be a part of this initiative.  She told that with timely diagnosis and right treatment will help in managing things better.

Inhalation therapy is the foremost and effective medication for the asthmatic patient compared to syrups and tablets. During inhalation, the drug effects the lungs directly instead of flowing in blood streams and other organs of the body. Thus, inhalation works better and helps in improving the Asthma faster.

Nikhil Chopra, Head India Business, was glad to do the campaign with Priyanka Chopra. He mentioned that Cipla always remained friendly for the patient and always believed in holistic approach. He ensured that Cipla will be dedicated to better treatment and confirms that every citizen is made aware about its long term implications. The association and #BerokLife campaign for inhalation therapy will keep insuring for better lives.



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