Pitch Perfect 4 Is soon to be happening?


On Sunday 30th September, the Pitch Perfect actress, those Barden Bellas posted picture on Instagram. The three Barden Bellas in insta poses holding up four fingers while Snow opted for thumbs down. Thus, is this the announcement of some aca-amazing news ? Is the pose for Pitch Perfect 4?

Naturally, fans are in dilemma and interpreting that is this the announcement of Pitch Perfect or something else. Also, there is an another explanation to this as Bellas are posing for the Camp and Skylar Astin’s joint birthday celebration, so may be four just to show that. As, the four of the person reunited to pose in insta which symbolizes the combination of four.

Some of their instagram pictures are:


Infact, the screenwriter Kay Cannon told that Pitch Perfect 3 will be the end of the Bellas. But, Anna Kendrick, the Beca Mitchell as role played in movie, totally agrees to reprise her role. Just not, Anna but Snow also would love to work again as a bella in the movie as she told to the Extra TV last week. She further mentioned that it was the best time for everyone for filming the movie. They had some good time and some became best friends during that franchise. Moreover, they are willing to do it one more time and everyone is ok with that and want to be close till the end of the time.




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