Paul Allen died Monday afternoon

Paul Allen

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft died on Monday afternoon after suffering from prolonged disease. Though, the doctors were very optimistic about him getting well soon.

Paul Allen was an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who influenced many aspects of life from sports to music. Allen was of 65 years of age, who was suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma which is a kind of cancer.

Many of his family members commented that he supported his family on every level. He was a much loved brother and uncle and an exceptional friend.

Allen founded Microsoft with the Bill Gates in 1975, several years after the two met as a student. Later, in 1982 Allen left the company because of his disease.

Nadella stated that Allen was the person who rose the Microsoft in his own persistent way and created magical products through his experience. Even after leaving the company he stayed in board of directors and kept guiding whenever needed.

He bought two professional sports teams: the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. He was involved with both until his death.

Either its co-workers, friends and family everyone praised him for being suc a great person in everyone’s life. Some of the tweets from his beloved people.


Actor Leonardo Di Caprio who worked with the Allen on shark conversation also shared his condolence through social media.


Paul Allen continuously involved in various charity activities. He even loaned money to hendrix family during the legal battle to gain the right of image and music. Infact, he funded $100 million to music in Seatle and now called the Museum of Pop culture.

His friend Quincy Jones called him the dear friend and the Killer guitar player.

Everyone around him praised him and bade him good bye with the best wishes they could give. He really was a good man and will be missed forever.


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