Pakistan Court sticks to words- Hanged Rapist of Zainab Ansari

Zainab Ansari

Finally the time has come that the court has started taking actions for the culprits. Even, Pakistan have become active and stick to their words of punishing the rapist of Zainab Ansari.

Hanged Rapist of Zainab Ansari1

Mohammad Imran, rapist and serial killer now finally hanged till death. He was convicted of killing and raping Zainab Ansari and 12 other children in Pakistan. Thus, hanged on Wednesday in front of 7 years old Zainab’s father and this really shocked Pakistan.

Pakistan’s high court initially rejected a request that basically exaggerated as a rare public execution. But, the highly publicized death of Zainab sparked anger in public of Kasur and thus the decision of court made out quite early.

Ansari and his wife, were in Saudi Arabia where they received call from the pilgrimage that their daughted doesn’t show up for the Quran lesson. Some days later, Zainab body found in a trash in Kasur, near Lahore.

Zainab’s father publicized her photo which went viral and this helped to activate the police. Thus, within two weeks Imran arrested by Police of Pakistan.

According to the reports found that Imran, the only man involved in rape and murder of Zainab and other 7 other girls. He later admitted the rape of 8 boys and girls and to killing six of them. Before, proceeding in his plan, he confirms that the person is more from poor family.

In Pakistan it is a shame to talk about sex abuse, but after Zainab’s case some Pakistani women spoke their hearts out about them. After this, few dozen families also gathered courage and spoke publicly and came forward to report about the abuse their children faced.

This all happened because of the courage of Ansari family and the decision took by Pakistani court.





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