Oskar Schlemmer 130th birthday celebrated by Google

Oskar Schlemmer

Today, on 4th September, Google is celebrating the 130th birthday of Oskar Schlemmer.

He was a German painter, sculptor, designer, and choreographer who works with the Bauhaus school.

His famous work as a sculptor is Triadisches Ballett which he performed after attending the workshop of the sculpture at the school.

Oskar was born in September 1888 in Stuttgart, and was the youngest of six children. His parents died early and he lived with his sisters.

At an early age, he became independent and used to get apprentice in an inlay workshop.

Oskar Schlemmer did his education at the Kunstgewerbeschule (school of arts and crafts in German speaking countries) as well as in the Academy of Visual arts in Stuttgart.

For his painting work, he has moved to Berlin and then returned to Stuttgart in 1912. In 1919, he became the famous sculptor and has exhibited his work at the Gallery The storm in Berlin.

In 1920 he was married to Helena Tutein and was blessed with the baby girl, Ute Jaina Schlemmer.

His daughter Ute Jaina Schlemmer had remained in controversy for the Bauhaus Stairway painting, she requested the court order to hold that painting and asked for further investigation.

Later, it was known that the painting was on temporary loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to New National Gallery in Berlin. Before any further hearings, Bauhaus Stairway was already taken to New York.


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Oskar Schlemmer


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