One more Collapse – Kolkata Majerhat Bridge

Kolkata Bridge Collapse

Kolkata has suffered three collapses in past six years killing one person and injuring 21 people. Two of the admissible in hospital are in critical condition.

A section of over 20-metre deck of the Majerhat bridge fell, on Tuesday evening, trapping several people and crushing many vehicles.

Biker Soumen Beg who happened to cross the bridge died immediately when the bridge colapsed and splitted it into two.

The casualty figures would have been higher if the crash had happened an hour later. As the bridge is the most used bridge during peak hours with an estimation of about 4000 vehicles. Behala where this bridge is situated itself had over 10lakhs of Population.

Those who have seen the things live gave the spine chilling reaction about the crash of the bridge. Many got trapped within the bridge while it fell. Many cabbie informed that the sudden movement was so horrible that they couldn’t react. Some have seen bikes, cars and minibus coming towards them with the dust all around.

Injured people got the first help from the residents of Mahadevtala slum located across Burdwan Road. They helped commuters out of the bus and pulled many injured bikers. Many pedestrians got injured and one is still missing.

Reason for Fall:

Water seepage in the cracks are said as the primary reason for the collapse leading to corrsion of underneath girders. These girders gave way to vibration from the Metro Rail construction adjacent to the bridge causes instability.

CM  Words..

CM Mamta Banerjee was at Darjeeling during this incident and she set up a probe team headed by chief secretary Malay De. Their words “We are very worried and our primary concern is relief and rescue”. She has also announced the compensation for the injured and dead people of 50,000 and 5lakhs, respectively.






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