Happy Days for Nestle Maggi Lovers, Price reduced


Maggi noodles introduced in India in 1984 by Nestle. Maggi has the highest sales value. For over 30 years, 60% market shares is of Maggi noodles.

Back in 1980’s instant noodles a the new category loved by all. Now, the challenge to establish a market in country like India where atta lovers are more. To establish an alien market and also to benefit from it was a tough task. But, it became the love of all ages either kids or oldies. Instant noodles developed taste among the foodies and became the favourite dish. Thus, the product positioned as snack mode and cooked in different ways with different tastes.

Mummy Mummy Bhookh Lgi- Bas do Minute ad campaign was the cherry on the cake for the snack time. Fast to cook, Good to eat tagline actually worked in India. This has taken over most of the market for snack in India. The price set initially was Rs 5 as the perfect value for the market.

Thus, Hindustan Unilever came into account and introduced Knorr soupy noodles. Therefore, it loved by the people as health is the important concern and it took over the market.

Nestle could not stay behind and has introduced with many healthy products in varied ranges like Maggi Cuppa Mania, Maggi Masala and Magic Cubes.

Later, Maggi had some issues and got banned from India, where the Yippee noodles and other Chinese noodles like Top Raman enjoyed being in market. These days didn’t last long as the Maggi reintroduces itself in 70gms pack at Rs 11. Thus, the reintroduction of the Maggi loved by all and has boomed the market of instant noodles once again. Therefore, the price hiked to Rs 12 and then the market graph reduced  as price matter to all. Thus, Yipee and other instant noodles came into account and then market reduced a lot.

Now, they decided to break a news according to sources its prices soon to be reduced to Rs 10 again.



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