Mig-27 aircraft crashed in Jodhpur today


(image source: the financial express)

Indian Air Force Mig-27 aircraft that was airborne from Jodhpur for a routine mission crashed today near Devariya village of Jodhpur district. Pilot was safe as he ejected on time before the crash.

The Indian Air Force has ordered a court inquiry into the crash of Mig 27.

The pilot, Flying Officer Kandpal ejected just before the crash and there was no human loss at the crash site. Reports says that two houses and a car suffered most of the damages.

Since 2001, the Indian Air Force has lost more than 12 Mig-27 aircrafts to crashes.

India retired the last Mig-27ML on 29 December 2017.

The plane that is crashed in Jodhpur today were expected to be retired next year.

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