Manasi Joshi- A Para-athlete in Badminton

Manasi Joshi

Manasi Joshi, a 29 year old software engineer has done great in sports also. Being a para-badminton player she has stood against her all odds to fulfill the dreams.

At the age of 6 years she started playing badminton with her Father. They were having only one racket to play. But her father used to throw the shuttle and the girl shorter than racket has to hit the shuttle.

After a while, she joined coaching for badminton and also played at district level. She always had interest in science and technology and completed her bachelor as electrical engineer. Joshi developed her interest in software development and started working as software engineer.

But, In 2011 the 22 year old girl had an accident while going to work on bike with truck. The truck hit her and crushed her leg. As she had lost lot of blood and the leg has got infected.There was no other way and the leg was amputated. After that she used to walk with the help of crutches and got a prosthetic leg.

She never left her hope and always wish to start practice again. Later, she got her prosthetic leg after 8 months. This took her time to play at higher level. Hence, in 2014 she got a chance to represent Maharashtra in selection trial of Asian games.

In December 2014, she played against Arjuna awardee Parmul Pawar and won a silver medal. She had never took badminton seriously rather like others she wanted to go on a job, have a house, an expensive car of her own and other materialistic things .

But after the accident, everything has changed with her and from then her life changed. She started practicing seriously, two hours during weekdays and 4 hours on weekend.

Mansi recently won the bronze medal in women’s singles SL3 category at the 2018 Thailand Para-Badminton International. Currently, practicing for Para Asian Games to make a debut for gold medal in October at Jakarta.

She is role model for all of us as after facing so much difficulties and pain, she again stood up on her leg and made us feel proud.


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