Almost Crashed: Lamborghini races with Honda CBR1000RR Video

Lamborghini races with Honda CBR1000RR Video

Whenever biker see a supercar they try to race with each other, just to show off their machines power. But sometimes, they make a slight mistake which leads to dangerous result or close calls.

Same thing happen with this rider who was on his Honda CBR1000RR which generates around 186 Bhp and 114 Nm and a Lamborghini owner started a race around the hills. The adrenaline flowing into their body to defeat each other lead the bike rider into a very near miss with an oncoming car.

When the Lamborghini passes the biker, he overspeeded the bike to get in front of him around the corner, but when he bend towards the corner he realized that the speed is more than expected to complete the corner as he gone into the other lane from where a car is coming towards him. The biker somehow manages to avoid the collision with the oncoming car, then avoid the highside.

After stopping, he realized that it was his biggest mistake and advises the viewers to stay calm on the bike.

Ride Safe.


Here is the video of race between Lamborghini and Honda CBR1000RR


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