Karnataka get six steel corridor flyovers

six steel corridor flyovers in karnataka

After the loss in battle to construct the Karnataka steel flyover, the Government  is again ready to start a new project. This time, decided by them to construct the six steel corridor flyovers.

This project would cost Rs 19000 cr. and the amount of 1000cr. already set this year. Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL) would take care of this project. Government ensures that this will improve the transportation in the city.

According to Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR) ”Government had decided to take this step to improve the connectivity and to ensure the safe journey”. This project would be 92 K.M. long.

As there is no need of Environment clearance because as per Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification, elevated corridors are part of national and state highways. Though, neither of the corridor are more than 100 K.M. nor additional land acquisition is greater than 40 m.

Srinivas Alavilli of citizen of Bengaluru headed the Steel Flyover Beda campaign, tells India Today TV that some less effort made by them and were not able to work out. Due to this pollution, traffic and many things increased. He said that government should take care of footpath, trains, and speed up the metro.

Now because of the proposed elevated corridor there will be huge impact on environment. Approximately 3,821 trees will be cut and around 2,084 are to be trimmed. Many water bodies in the city already encroached.


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