Kapil Sharma is back as a producer

Son of Manjeet Singh_Kapil sharma

Comedy King, Kapil Sharma who had evolved from the industry is now back with the boom.

He has made an announcement through his twitter account about producing the new Punjabi movie ‘Son of Manjeet Singh

He further tweeted that he is producing the heart touching story of a Manjeet Singh and his son which is planned to release on 12th Oct.

Kapil is trying hard to be in the pace again and to win back the love and respect of his fans again. As per the sources, Kapil was really disturbed by his recent flop movie and closing of ‘The Kapil Sharma’ show.

He needed that break to judge his life and career and to think about the prospects of life. After the ‘The Kapil Shama’ show failure, he thought of earning the respect and love by Family Time with the Kapil Sharma show which has made the matter worse.

The back to back failures and disrespect from his fans was too much for him to take. But, now after spending good times with the family and sorting his life out. He is back as a producer and has also hired a personal trainer to get back in shape.


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