Join ‘Adarsh Bahu Course’. Make Mother-in-law happy than ever!

Adarsh Bahu Course

Bhopal based Barkatullah University offers three months Adarsh Bahu Course

Who doesn’t want to be an ‘Adarsh Bahu’ and take all the love of ‘Saasu maa’? Being a good daughter-in-law and keeping things in mind to make everyone happy as a new comer in family is a task which needs a thorough research and study.

Barkatullah University has brought a short term course of three months with certificate which includes teaching women how to be a good, rather ideal ‘Bahu’. They will be told how to behave and what are the things to keep in mind, what the In-Laws expect from them and how can they overcome if they get stuck in any situation.

Earlier, the same course was initiated by the Kashi based Institute of Fashion for which the public gave great response. The girls fear the future prospects of marriage and want to strike a balance between work and home. This course will teach all the skills regarding concerns of the prospects.

To summarise, the basic intention is to teach girls ‘how to adjust to the new environment after marriage’. This will be started in the departments of Psychology, Sociology and women’s studies as a pilot project. We can just imagine how this course would take place and how many ‘going to be brides’ will take admission for the same.


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