JAWA motorcycles are coming on Novermber 15


The JAWA motorcycles are coming back with their legendary bikes. They are debuting on November 15,2018. JAWA’s first motorcycle was a shaft driven made in 1929. It was equipped with a 500cc four stroke engine with overhead valves mated with a 3 speed transmission and produces 18 Bhp. It could reach a top speed of 100 Kmph. However it came with a hefty priz. Only 1016 units were produced.

The last motorcycle was forged in 1967, The california 350 which is named as “The Unbreakable”. It was known for the most reliable and performance bike. THe bike was equipped with a 344cc engined which produces 24 Bhp and have 4 Speed gearbox.

Now they are coming with their latest engine.

The motorcycle will be unveiled on 15 november but the engine specification are teased by the JAWA motorcycle. The bike will be quipped with a single cyclinder DOHC 293cc liquid cooled engine which is designed with the collaboration of Italian engineering.

It produces 27Bhp with a peak torque of 28Nm with mid-range and flat torque curve for consistent power. It will directly give competition to the royal enfields.

They said that it will have the same signature twin exhaust.

Here is the picture of the engine that they have shown on their social handles and website:




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