iOS 12 :fixes,features,updates,and performance improvements

iOS 12

After the Beta version of iOS 12 it is now officially available for download on apple devices.
This update of iOS makes iPhone faster and iPad even faster, responsive and more charming.

Here are some iOS 12 updates that you will get after installing the update on your apple iPhone or iPad:


  1. Performance Increases- iOS 12 is designed for faster and more responsive user experience. Things like opening camera using swipe, typing with keyboard become faster. These improvements are available from iPhone 5s to the latest model.

    Up to 70% faster swipe to Camera
    Up to 50% faster keyboard
    2x faster App launch

  2. Now you can FaceTime with upto 32 people at once. The thumbnail of the person talking become larger than the others automatically. You can start Group FaceTime directly from your group thread message or you can join active FaceTime.
  3. Memoji- Now you can create your personal emoji matching your personality and style to use in message and FaceTime.
  4. Four new Animoji available. Koala, tiger, ghost and T-Rex are added in message and FaceTime
  5. Camera Effects- You can quickly create and share a photo or video with Animoji, Memoji and cool filters.
  6. Augmented Reality(AR) become more real- AR objects now can be sent with message and mail and then can be viewed in real world. A new AR app is introduced “Measure Help” from which you can measure real-world objects just by pointing you camera at them.
  7. Screen Time- Now you can track and check on which app you or your kids spent most of the time, whether it is an app, website or any other thing.
  8. Notifications- Now you can manage your notifications in real-time from the lock screen.
  9. Siri- Siri become more intelligent. It will give you more intelligent suggestions about your alerts.
  10. Do-Not-Disturb (DND)- Now you can set DND for particular locations. As soon as you reach that location the phone will automatically enabled and you leave the place it will disable the DND.
  11. Photo Search- Search box will help you to search the exact photo that you are looking for. It will filter out result as you start typing in the search box.
  12. Protects your privacy- iOS 12 now protects your privacy with a built-in encryption, on-device intelligence and some other tools. Safari browser now prevent share buttons and comment widgets on webpages from tracking you without your permission.
  13. Apple Books- Apple books gets new design which makes it easier for the user to discover, read and listen to users favourite books and audiobooks.
  14. Stock App- The Apple Stock App is now available on iPad and iPhone.
  15. Voice Memos- Voice memos is now available in iPad with iCloud.
  16.  Autofill Security Codes- Now one time passcode(OTP) will be automatically show in suggestion.
  17. CarPlay- CarPlay now supports third-party navigation applications.
  18. More Battery Info- The battery usage chart in the setting will show you usage of the last 24 hours or 10 days.
  19. Strong Passwords- Complex and more secure password are automatically saved in safari and in apps so you can use more secured passwords.

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