Indian railway building 3000 K.M wall for track fencing

Indian railway trackwall

Indian railway building 3000 K.M, estimated cost would be 2500 crore

After the incident in Amritsar last month, Indian railway has decided to build 3000 K.M. of wall. Which is used as fencing of the track of railway lines. Last month train mowed down the 60 people who had gathered on the tracks to watch the Dussehra celebration. After that mishap Indian railway minster has taken the step of fencing. The estimated cost would be Rs 2500 crore.

Wall Will Prevent trespassing and dumping waste on track

In suburban and non-sub urban areas , the RCC  walls with height of 2.7 metres will be raised along the railway line. This will help in preventing the trespassing. This will also help in dumping waste on the track will also not be easy.

Vishwesh Chaube, Railway Board Member (Engineering), who is finalizing the project has told that the fresh thrust after the Amritsar mishap is estimated to cover all vulnerable stretches in populated areas. The new project is over and above what we have been working on this year.

If we check in last three years near about 50 thousand people has been mowed down by the train.And accident happens in densely populated areas because of negligence of people. Zonal railways had planned to build 2000 k.m. walls in some areas before the Amritsar incident.

In order to keep safety if trains is moving at a speed of 160 km/hr then fencing is necessary in populated areas. But In Amritsar, the boundary walls were not enough to keep away the people, who had mounted the walls for a better view. According to officials, many people entered the tracks from nearby level crossing as well. So this is also the duty of people to don’t trespass the railway line as it is very dangerous.


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