ICICI Lombard #IWillDriveYouHome road safety initiative

ICICI Lombard

The whole world tells us how dangerous it is to drink and drive. People do not take such things seriously. This father of a 32 year old son goes out to convey the message through his action.

Mr Hemraj Sharma who lost his son in a drink and drive accident does not want any other dad to be in the spot where he is right now. Mr. Sharma lost his son because of somebody else’s mistake.

Road Safety Initiative

Along with ICICI Lombard, as part of the road safety initiative, car rides were organized for people who were too drink to ride this own cars. It was Mr. Sharma, himself here to ride these young people home.

Watch the video below to find out how Mr Sharma told everybody his story and the various reactions people had listening to him.




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