Hina Khan sets new fitness goals for us.

Hina Khan Hot fitness goals

Hina Khan is trending for social media for all the reasons currently, right from her ethinic and beach wear looks to her gym and fitness pictures, the internet is full of them all. There is mixed reaction from the audience for all the posts by Hina Khan. There are people who absolutely love and adore her while there are people who can’t stop at taking a dig at her always.


Hina Khan has been posting pictures at the gym lately and her washboard abs will efinitely give you major fitness goals. It looks like she is working really hard at the gym these days to get the perfect body.


She looked super hot in her gym clothes quoting, ‘The hotter you dress when you workout, the better you feel and the harder you workout’ on her photo.


There have been people who are constantly criticizing Hina for her bold and sexy photos. Many have slammed her for posting bold pictures which go against her religion and may have passed lewd comments on her photos.



But, nothing stops Hina from going on. We believe that it is better not to entertain such people and keep the positivity and hard work going. Hina Khan is definitely a star here to stay.

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