What is Halloween? Why We Celebrate It? Halloween in 2018


Halloween also known as All Hallows’ Eve or Allhalloween is basically celebrated in all foreign countries on 31st October as All Hallow’s Day.

Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic Harvest festivals. Some believe that the Halloween is solely a Christian holiday.

This day celebrated as trick-o-treating activity and people get dressed up like halloween. They make scary pumpkin faces at their food table. They light bornfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions and many more to do on this day.

Mostly Christians believe not having non-vegetarian food or meat on this vigil day. Instead, they make vegan food including apple pie, potato pan cakes, soul cakes and many more vegan items.

The traditions and importance of halloween varies greatly from country to country. As in Scotland and Ireland Halloween defines children dressed up guising, holding parties, whereas people in Ireland light bornfires and have firework display.

History of Halloween. Why we Celebrate it?:

It is basically celebrated as the seasons of little ghosts and goblins that roam on the street and asking for candy and scaring for silly things. People on this day, tell spooky storie sitting around bornfire lightings, specifically pumpkins are carved in such a spooky way. Theatres shows the haunted and horror stories.

Recently, creepy clown were in trend doing some real terrorizing. In August 2016, the clowns with the mask have created such a danger in the places by kidnapping the children. Thus, from then the locals in Greenville, announced that no one will be in the mask. Later, in September, teen reported a knife-wielding clown in Summitville. Moreover, people in different cities reported many different clown sightings. Due to this, people In South Florida pull down the clown dresses from their stores.

Still, in 2017, clowning continues and the movie based on Steven king story, IT, highlighted clown more. In the movie, daemon attracts the children by tying the red balloon in the sewer. Thus, police responded to report of over 20 red balloons tied at the sewer. Still, people dressing in clown remains the popular way to scare.

Though, apart from this spooky and haunted stories, halloween is still be celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. Halloween is much more than just costumes and candy; in fact, the holiday has fun and food stored in it.




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