GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition Launched Price And Features


GoPro recently launches their new action camera GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition. GoPro is known for their awesome video and built quality and have millions of fans around the globe.
GoPro already sold around 26 Millions GoPro in more than 100 countries.

So here are the Features of the new GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition:

1. Hypersmooth video stabalization like gimbal:

Hero 7 Black is one step ahead of the previous GoPro Hero 6 Black edition which have video stabalization. But the new Hero 7 Black Edition have Hypersmooth feature which make it more stable like using a gimbal.

2. 4K/60 Frames stabalization:

In the past GoPro the stabalization is limited to 4k/30 frames but now it is at 4K/60 Frames.

3. Hyperlapse(TimeWarp) Feature:

Now you can make hypersmooth TimeWarp video with the new Hero 7 Black Edition.

4. New User Inteface(UI):

Now the user interface become more user friendly. GoPro said they have made it more easy to use so that people will not lost in what they are doing.

5. Photo Countdown Timer:

Now you can set countdown timer when you want to take a photo.

6. Audio and Mic are Improved:

GoPro doesn’t have that good quality of sound and mic in the previous version. Nut in the new Hero 7 Black Edition they have improved the membrain over the mic to improve the recording quality.

7. Livestreaming:

Now you can go live with new GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition on your social media via your phone or wireless network

8. Voice Commands:

Now you can use voice commands to take a photo, start recording or stop recording. These are some voice commands:
– GoPro Start Recording
– GoPro Stop Recording
– GoPro Turn Off
– GoPro Video Mode
– GoPro Capture

9. Waterproof:

It is waterproof upto 33ft or 10m. GoPro says “Dunk it. Drop it. Crash it.” it is rugged and want.

10. Superphoto:

GoPro makes photo more amazing using tone mapping and noise reduction in any kind of light.

GoPro Hero 7 price and variants:

1. GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition – US $399
2. GoPro Hero 7 Silver Edition – US $299
3. GoPro Hero 7 White Edition – US $199



Here is the comparison video with the previous GoPro:


4K Video:




8x Slow Motion video:



Buy Here: Official Website Of GoPro


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