Google tries to shut down Google+ for security reasons


Google has announced to shut down the Google+ within 10 months for security reasons. Over the years the feedback of the Google+ has decreased with the great pace.

Additionally, many users have reported the expose of their private data which made Google to think of shutting down the Google +.

Google further says that Google+ has now less usage and engagement of users and no one spends more than 5minutes on this. Still, they are planning to facilitate the services to alive the consumers conversation among co-workers. Moreover, they will show case more features for use case.

Google is always concerned for the security purposes thus it is making new privacy adjustments for other services as well. Changes made in API which will limit developers to access data on Android Devices.

Developers will now not receive the call log and SMS permissions on Android devices. That same API also provides basic interaction data, like who you last messaged and the permission will now be revoked.

Infact, for the Gmail changes the User Data Policy updates done. This will limit apps and access to the user data. VP of the engineering and Google fellow, Ben Smith, announced that only apps enhancing the Gmail functionality  authorized to access the data.

Any developer who has the acess has to go new User Policy and has to undergo security assessments. Also, they need to agree to new rules about data handling, like not transferring or selling the user data.

Suzanne Frey, the director of Google’s security trust emphasized that users need to review the data before accessing the apps and revoke it if necessary.

Last year, Google announced that it would stop the long-standing practise of scanning the content. Ofcourse, company has plenty of data for market purposes like Search History, YouTube Views and other Chrome actions.

These most recent changes that Google planned to execute and internal effort named as Project Strobe.


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