Google plans for offering a subscription service for Android Apps

google subscription

Google is rolling out to make new changes which includes low-cost storage plans and some subscription plans. Google is the one with many ideas and bring changes to the world of the people. It keeps people updated always with some or the other  information. Thus, this time also Google has offered plans and bringing ideas to the life of the people.

Mostly people are not fond of buying apps and they don’t like to spend money on the apps for the sake of buying it. Thus, Google decides to make a subscription package with certain apps collection.

XDA and Kieron Quinn have discovered code references and Goggle Opinion and will be making Play Pass app subscription service. Thus this will provide your with the tremendous collection of apps and games at a specified monthly price. Though, there is no such information that when and how the Play Pass would go live, so just don’t count on spinning just yet.

Thus, there is more information to this is that it could be the most influential app than the other apps of the Goggle store. Also, google Play store doesn’t earn much revenue as Apple App store does on downloading any app.

Therefore, on the introduction of Play Pass, would minimize this gap and will pay a relatively affordable recurring fee instead of buying apps at one time. Though now the question arises that Which would those be the apps that would come under Play Pass app? How would  Goggle choose to make a package? Would this constitute favouritism? Also, would the companies risk squeezing their own alternative subscriptions by offering it now?

Therefore, there are many more questions left unanswered until the subscription comes out. May be the subscription plays more important than the existing apps. Still, the only wild guesses made until the Play Pass app is ready for prime time.


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