Interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani 2018



  1. Guarded by Z security:

    Mukesh Ambani is the only businessman to have z security. He spends around 15 to 16 million a month for his security.mukesh_ambani

  2. Most expensive House:

    Mukesh Ambani leaves in the most expensive home in the world Antilia. It have a theatre, 6 floor car parking, a service station for his cars and 3 helipads.mukesh_ambani_house

  3. Love for the cars:

    He is fond of cars and has more than 150 cars in his house. Mukesh have a BMW 760 LI which is bullet proof. The car can bear bomb blast easily. The price of the car is around INR 9 crore.mukesh_ambani_car

  4. Owner of largest refinery:

    Mukesh is the owner of the world largest refinery located in Jamnagar Gujarat.mukesh_ambani_refinery

  5. School mates:

    Anand Jain (chairman of Jai Corp Limited), Anand Mahindra (chairman of Mahindra group) were his school mates and his best friends.ambani_friends

  6. Pure vegetarian:

    He is pure vegetarian and never tasted alcohol in his life.mukesh_ambani_food

  7. GDP contribuition:

    His industries contribute almost 5% to the total tax revenue of the government of India.mukesh_ambani_gdp

  8. Spend Sunday with family:

    He loves watching movies and spend his Sunday with his family. He use to watch around 2-3 movies in a week.mukesh_ambani_family

  9. Owns private jet:

    He owns a Falcon 900Ex which is a luxury jet with a capacity of 14 people and cost around 44 million dollars.mukesh_ambani_privateget

  10. Hate celebrating his birthday:

    Mukesh hates celebrating his birthday. He doesn’t like present for himself but he loves to give presents to his family member. He gifted a jet worth 62 million dollar to his wife on her birthday.mukesh_ambani_Birthday

  11. Interest in Hockey:

    Everybody knows that ambani own Mumbai Indians but he also loves hockey. Mukesh developed interest in hockey and lost interest in studies during school days.mukesh_ambani_hockey

  12. A simple dresser:

    Mukesh doesn’t like to be suited booted and doesn’t follow any brand. He like his father wears a simple t-shirt and trouser.mukesh_ambani_dressup


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