Claire Wineland Died after receiving lung transplant

claire wineland

Claire Wineland, an American activist, entrepreneur and a author was born on April 10 ,1997. Wineland was  the author of the book  Every Breath I Take, Surviving and Thriving with Cystic Fibrosisa  and also attended the Ted’s talk in 2017.

But On September 2nd, at the age of 21 she has took last breath  after suffering from serious illness. On 26th August, 2018 she had a stroke due to blood clot in right side of her brain after going through Lung.


Claire was born in Austin, Texas. Wineland had cystic fibrosis ,it is a genetic disorder which affects, lungs  liver, pancreas and kidneys. At age of 4 she performed in Music man.She got admitted to hospital because of failure of lungs at the age of 14. Doctor said that her chance of survival is only 1%.She woke up after 16 days and after that she founded an organization  named “Claire’s Place Foundation” to support people and their families against terminal and chronic illness.

Most of the life she spent was in hospital but she took stand against her illness. Claire used to play hide &seek with nurses. To feel like home she decorated her hospital room.

Her father  taught her “to not be afraid of what has happened “and to learn to “love what is”.In 2107 her mother Melissa Nordquist Yeager had a conversation with Claire regarding ‘death’. Claire said looking in the eyes  “Mom ,that after you die you are the closest to everyone you love because You are part of everything.

Claire once escaped from hospital to attend Bernie Sander rally. She used to laughed at the stupidity which spin around her. Including when the shoppers used to say eat more pineapple or mushroom cleanse that would cure your illness. Wineland has settled up her  mind that she had to left the world in the same body she has came.

Last days…

She knew that time will come one day and, on 26th august it came. She posted on twitter  ”It’s a go” before wheeled to operation theater. The surgery gone well and everything was fine and lungs were working fine. But this hope turned to tears as she had a stroke. This time everyone knew that Claire has gone. At last Claire Wineland  passed away and left her parents alone.


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