Bixby Voice in India. Compatible Phones And Installation

Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice,
introduced now in India also.

So what is bixby voice?

A virtual assistant in your loved one voice near to you always. The company’s digital voice assistant  introduced with the company Samsung Galaxy S8 series. This is the most productive feature that Samsung has introduced with its phone. You can use many Bixby voice commands to use your voice efficiently. This feature has really attracted the samsung phone users and are ready to take a ride on it.

The Samsung company has infact advertised through the very attractive ad on Youtube to market the product. The ad goes with the girl and her mother who assists everything to her. Mother as always are the most caring and loving person you have in your life. Same way they have portrayed through the ad. Later, mother suffers from the Motor Neuron Disease and is not able to speak or take care of her the way she used to. Then, the voice recorded by her mother is used through the Bixby Voice assistant through this she still is with her daughter. Thus, the voice remains forever with her #Voiceforever campaign.

Is Bixby compatible on my Samsung phone?

Following are the bixby compatible devices. If you have any of these devices than you can install bixby.

– Samsung Galaxy S9,S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S8 Active, S7, S6
– Galaxy Note 8, Note 9
– Galaxy A8, A8 Plus, A6, A6 Plus, A7
– Galaxy J3, J5, J7, J7 Plus
– Galaxy C8
– Galaxy Home Smart Speakers

How to install bixby voice on your Samsung phone?

– Go to setting, scroll down and tap “Software Update”
– Select “Download Update Manually”
– If your phone ready to update Bixby Voice, then just swipe right until you reach Home Screen and a popup will appear saying Update Is Available.
– When update is completed, swipe right again to get Bixby Home. Now bixby will introduce itself.
– Now choose your preferred language.
– Enter your Samsung account
– Agree to Terms and Conditions
– Confirm Phone settings
– Start talking to Bixby










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