Big Boss 12: Shoaib is not Dipika’s first love

Shoaib and Dipika's

One of the strongest contestant of Big Boss season 12, Dipika Kakkar cum Faiza. She is playing really well in this season and on this everyone will agree. Even the contestants at the Big Boss believes that she really plays well being in the controversies. She is emotionally strong and playing with the contestant with full of her mind. There is no such doubts that this Simar has targeted to be in the Big Boss till the end.

This celebrity recently got married to his co-actor Shoaib of “Sasural Simar Ka”. They share strong bond together and thus tied knot on February 26 this year.  Dipika even converted to Islam to marry Shoaib and named her as Faiza.

She is fond of her current husband and keeps talking about their love life and also the kind of person he is in her life. Also, Shoaib supports his wife completely and keep shutting the trolls outside the house who try to target Dipika for her personality. They seems to be the ideal couple who admire each other a lot.

But, Surprisingly Shoaib is not Dipika’s first husband. Dipika before entering to the acting world was an air hostess. There, she met a pilot named Raunak Samson and married him.

In 2011, Dipika entered the acting world where she got close to Shoaib. This became the reason for the divorce of her first marriage. Infact, her first husband agreed to the fact that it was Dipika’s affair that lead their relation to the end.

But, now in relation with Shoaib, Dipika really feel connected and she admitted. She told in one interview that they have many similarities as they both hail from small towns. Same likes, dislikes, aims and aspirations. Thus, this make their relations connected more and being at the glamour world they both don’t like to party much rather prefer t stay at home and spend quality time.

This seems that they have found their true soulmate and thus we wish them Good luck in their future and also wish Dipika luck to stay and play strong in Big Boss 12.


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