Journey of BB ki vines bhuvan bam and earning

BB ki vines

Bhuvaneshwar Bam popularily known as Bhuvan Bam or BB. This famous personality is from New Delhi, India started as a singer, now Indian comedian and YouTube Vlogger. He earned fame from his YouTube channel as BB ki Vines. He was born on 22nd January 1994 in New Delhi living with his parents.

He earlier worked in The Bachelor’s produced by The Viral Fever known as TVF.


His schooling is from Green Fields School, New Delhi. Also, did his bachelor’s from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. Initially, he worked in restaurants as a musician and later he started composing his songs. Surprisingly, he is a Guitarist too.

From somewhere he got the idea of posting the sarcastic videos on Facebook which got may likes and views. Later, he posted video of woman asking insensitive questions to the Kashmir flood survival got 15000 views on Facebook. His own first video “I m feeling horny” went viral in Pakistan inspired him to created his own channel. Here is his first video:

He created his channel on Youtube with the name BB ki Vines which hits the massive number of peopleon YouTube and people from then and there started following and liking him. Nowadays, he has more than 10million followers and 1.2 million viewers of his videos.

BB started uploading the series of his videos which made suspense in the minds of people and also more and more followers increased to his YouTube channels.

Infact, BB awarded for the Most Popular Channel on YouTube at WebTvAsia Awards in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.


BB ki vines earns a handsome amount through his YouTube channels and views. Money on YouTube easily earned through views per clicks. So, if your video is played 100 times and ads is displayed 50 times and someone clicked on it let say 4-5 times. Then, you will be paid for those 5 times.

Now, most importantly the Values of these clicks are on impression, as it is not same for every user. A user clicking from USA will reward much more than the user clicking from India. So, YouTube will certainly make you earn and can make you crorepati. So, this BB earns quite a handsome amount through his channel. He has more than 10000000 views on his YouTube which make him earn $10000 depending upon the calculation that 1000 views make you earn $1. So, $10000 is nearly about 6 lakhs in Indian Rupee. Therefore, here is his income.





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