Banned VAT 69 whisky and Smirnoff in Delhi

VAT 69 whisky and Smirnoff Votka

Dehliites nowadays will not be able to buy VAT 69 whisky  & Smirnoff vodka for the two years because of banning. This product banned by Delhi Government because of use of duplicate barcode.

Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverages company is creator of blended whisky VAT 69 & Smirnoff vodka.

According to Delhi financial commissioner these barcodes misuse would be danger for public. Therefore, to avoid the tax vendors use duplicate barcodes.

Diageo’s subsidiary and the United Spirits Limited (USL) blacklisted in India for selling their product by Delhi Government Financial commissioner. The use of unauthorized barcode has violated “Delhi Excise Act 2009” whereas loosened barcodes are dangerous for public health.

On May 2017, these products banned for three years and the orders issued by the deputy commissioner challenged by USL. As per order, the manufacturing units in Aurangabad and Sangrur were stopped for manufacturing VAT 69 & Smirnoff.

Now, these liquor stopped selling in Delhi stores for two years. All the in-charges of liquor vends in Delhi informed to put their system in place. The sales of the liquor from now done after thorough scanning. This law to maintain forever because this would be less harmful for people. The sale of liquor without scanning could attract penal action against the vendor.


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