Australia – Windy Festival | Largest Kite Flying Festival

Windy Festival

Australia is celebrating Largest Kite festival known as ‘Festivals of Winds’  held on 9th Sept,2018 at the Bondi Beach of Sydney. People attended this festival with tremendous energy and participated in kite flying festival.

According to the weather Forecast, it has to be the wet day. The 80% of chances of rain across the city forecasted. But, the winds made the weather clear to host the grand festival ‘Festival of Winds’.

Temperature was in the low 20’s and sun ruled most of the day. This made the event possible successfully. Hundreds of people collected their to fly kites. Many of the kites were already flying on the beach with the wind of 20km/h.

With the rise of the festival, surfers rides a wave as kites fly in the sky at the annual Kite flying Festival in Sydney. This event was hosted by Waverly Council and the event was successfully done.


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