Amritsar train accident, died more than 50 and still counting


This Dussehra didn’t bring fortune to many people this year. People in Amritsar went to watch Dussehra mela which turned as the death zone. This was the terrible Amritsar accident which lead to death of more than 50 people. The accident took place near Joda Phatak area of Choura Bazar in Amritsar. The train route was from Jalandhar to Amritsar.

This incident happened at the place where Raavan effigy going up in place and people standing along railway track. As the firework increased people started moving towards the track where already huge mass of people were standing. Thus, at the same time two trains came from the opposite direction giving a little time to escape from the place to people.

Huge people at the place stated that no one was able to hear the hooting of the train because of the crackling sound of crackers. Several people were under the train from the first approaching of train.

People are still trying to handle the situation. Local people are controlling the way they can and police is gathered at the place.

Many government officials including our PM tweeted as the condolence for the people at the sight.

Also, the video that came out




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