Excessive Alcohol Consumption killed 3 Million People in 2016


According to the research of World Health Organization (WHO) noted that over 3 million people killed in 2016. This is due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

In the report on Friday,  detected that over 237 million men and 44 million women faced problems due to consumption of liquor, mostly in Europe and Americas. In fact, Europe has the highest capita alcohol consumption which they have reduced by 10% since 2010.

What is the reason of so many deaths?

Alcohol death rates are due to self-harms, car crashes or may be due to several injuries while about one in five is because of digestive disorder or cardio vascular disease. In fact, Cancer, infectious disease, mental disorders are also there to blame.

This alcohol consumption has left many families sell their homes due to addiction. Also, people and families suffer the consequences of alcohol as injuries, car accidents, mental health problems and disease problems like cancer and stroke.

Average Consumption of Alcohol

The average daily consumption of the people is two glasses of wine, a bottle of beer or two shots of vodka is good to consume. But 2.3 million people are current drinkers. WHO shows that the trends of drinking has increased globally over the decade in Southeast Asia and in America.

The policies are responsible for the not reversing the trends. Government should take strict measures to mitigate the harms that are associated with the increase.

If we look at the trends of the liquor consumption in many countries from 2000. You can see ups and downs which is due to several factors like economic backdrop, policy measures and cultural trends.

What should government do against excessive alcohol consumption?

Government should take strict measures for the excessive liquor consumption. As, only increasing the liquor taxes misguided and don’t effectively address harmful consumption.



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