5 Summer Outfits of Men for Travel

Summer Outfit

Fashion and Summer Outfit always go hand in hand. Whether its summer or winters different trends these men set makes therm look vibrant. In Summers, you can pair up with the differnet colorful shirts with pants, shirts or t-shirts paired with shorts, jeans with shirt or t-shirt enhnaces the personality of a person. So,in summer if planning to step out or for any outing. Must try for these outfits.

The Shorts:

A pair of shorts whether athletic, denim shorts, or even chino shorts with look person cool and make him comfortable for the travel.

Pastel look is hot, Khakhi is a neutral choice, Black or Navy shorts is a must, Athletic shorts is an option for casual.



The Shirts:

Summer shirts are dangerous game so keep the color light.

Striped T-shirts work best for the summer wear in travelling. Polos, buttons ups and button downs is also in fashion.

Striped T-shirts

Try Polos with the chinos, but if this is normal for you then go for polos with the tailored striped shorts.

Polo T-shirts

Button ups keeps the heat and blow your mind, So keep it light with light colors and and pair them with denim shorts for not getting boring.


Short sleeves floral print is also an option for to be creative with chino shorts.



The Pants:

Pants are quite out of fashion for summer but still fit in wardrobe for some or the other reason. But in seasons like September and October you did like to slip in your pants and jeans. So, jeans Is a fit for all time with the polo t-shirts or with the button-ups.



The Shoes:

This is the favourite section for every men. Footwear have lot of options and sports shoes in white is always a favourite one. Also, sneakers is a not a bad option too.men_shoes


The Hat:

Though this is not relaxing for any mood. But, sometimes, add style to your fashion.

So, picking hats for the travel is also an option.


The Watch:

Watches whether put with shorts or jeans they always look and suits your personality. Metal, leather and rubber is bit heavy to go for the cool look. The baseball look watch for the canvas strip is a safe. If its summer, keep it light.men_watches




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