Neeraj Chopra the gold medalist in Asian games 2018


Javelin Throw Gold Medalist– Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra Dhoolmitti

Neeraj Chopra, the gold medalist in Asian games 2018 made everyone proud by making history in the Javelin Throw game with a throw of 88.06 m. As said, behind every player’s success there is Well Trained Coach and thus Neeraj, Gold medalist, was trained by Mr. Uwe Hohn from Germany who himself had a world record of 104.80m.

India has earned two medals in this Javelin Throw game. First was Bronze taken by Gurtez Singh in 1982 and now Neeraj has made India proud by winning the gold medal in the same.


This young guy was born in Khandra village, Panipat(Haryana) on 24th December 1997. Neeraj was an average looking person and at the age of 11 his weight was 80kg. Thus, he was bullied by his friends for his physique . Then, he started going stadium which was 15 km from his house to exercise, there he met Jaiveer Chowdary who was also a javelin thrower and thus inspired him alot. When Neeraj was asked to throw the spear and he did this which impressed Jaiveer and thus followed by regular exercise he became proficient in Javelin throw. He completed his studies in DAV college, Chandigarh and joined Indian Army as a rank of Naib Subedar in 2016.


Neeraj has started gaining achievements in 2016 South Asian games with a gold medal. There, he won gold medal in Asian Athletic championship in 2017 with a throw of 87.43m. At the time of Doha Diamond League in May 2018 he had broken the national record with a throw of 87.43m. After winning the crown in Asian games he, Neeraj, has given his best performance in Diamond League final but missed the bronze medal by a step and finished at fourth place in eight man event.



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