3 people arrested for blackmailing Paytm CEO


The woman employee who had access to the laptop of founder of Paytm steals personal and confidential information.

She with her husband, a property dealer and another employee of paytm company were demanding an extortion of Rs 20 Crore for not leaking the personal information.

Police of sector 20 Noida had arrested the woman employee, her husband, a property dealer and another employee Devendra Kumar on Monday.

The brother who is senior vice-president of Paytm Mr Ajay Shekhar Sharma said “She was working from past 10 years for my brother.

She had access to her files and her husband planned all to steal the personal and financial information.

Company officials saying that only the founder’s personal and financial data had been stolen. No user data was stolen.

The first call was received by the Paytm founder on September 20 at 11am and his brother received the call at 4pm. After few more call from Chomal who claimed to have access to their personal data threatened to leak data if the they dont pay Rs 20 Crore.

After few more calls they transferred Rs 2 lakhs on the account number given to them.

The caller then asked to keep another 15 crore ready. Chomal, told that how the woman employee, her husband and Devendra stolen their information.

They registered a complain at sector 20 police station. A case was registered under Section 381, Section 384, Section 420. The call recording was taken as evidence and police have arrested the three accused while Chomal is still on the run.


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